Help these two robots find love on their endless journey into the unknown.

Controls : W/S/A/D or Arrow Keys

Art And Music : Rhys Dedman

Programming : Ankit Tanwar

Devnote: Play in fullscreen for best experience.


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Hi, Ankit great work can you help me I am making this type of game new to game development as i love the idea of your game just learn to use unity can you guide me how you move the player.


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To move the player you can use this script
Attach this to  any character directly.

Also you will have to download a plugin from asset store first called "Pixelplacement".

Hey! Ankit Tanwar great game!! I recon you are from India as I am Arpan Tanwar from India too. Great to see Indians in Game Development!!

Hey, yes I am from India. There are a lot of talented game developers in India man🙂. 

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Sorry I didn't use any collision for this game but you should check Tilemap Collider for collision on isometric map. Unity also have very good tutorial on Youtube on this topic.


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hey, sorry for replying so late I got busy due to my other game.

So for falling mechanics I just check it that tile has any platform sprite in it. You can get TileData for any tile easily if you have the coordinates of the tile. If there are no tile simply kill your character.

could you please share the script for the player controller?

hey, yeah I can. You need the script for player right?

yahh... could you please? im absolutely in love with this game.. cheers

Here is the link to the player control for isometric tilemap.
Pastebin Link

Hope it helps you :-)

thank you :)))

Hello Ankit,
The link is expired can you please add a new one .
Thanks in advance.

Hello sorry for the late reply,

Here is the link : Pastebin

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Great game bro just wanted to tell you you should have added lives so the game can over at some time it is like endless, other then that the game looks and feels great and i am amused seeing that a indian devloper is being highlighed twice #love from india




Great game and loved the simple design. Btw I just wanted to ask, How did you created that Gradient Material?

Rhys (Grey Gravel) made the 2D sprites (Pillars) with the gradient already in it. The Animated sprites followed the gradient too and then I just set the background color to match the color of pillars. You can also use a Height based shader to achieve this effect.

Here is a link to the Pillar sprites

Great game , Awesome style ,nice music.Can  be  a bit more challenging. Awesome game  waiting for android version.

thank you

The style is awesome ! Very well done ! I love it !

thank you🙂

Awesome game, everything is perfect

Really Glad to hear it.

I really think this game has the potential to get place in play store 

🙂 thanks.

We hope the same for this game.

I like the clear style very much! Wondering what could have become of this, it worked on for more than just 7 days. Trains my visual memory :)

The Art is done by Rhys ,and he is really good at his job.

amazing game ,the music the sound effects , everything is great

Thanks, our hard work paid off I guess.